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Oh yes, so, so Terrible.....

Welcome to our site! 

Let's face it, most teddies are incredibly cuddly and cute. Ha ha well not on this site!

You're about to check out some of the funniest and unusual teddies around. You'll see a collection of soft toys with stories to shock!

So enjoy the journey, comment on the teddies you like/don't like, vote for your favourite teddy and even send us your own Terrible Teddies!

...."With special powers, weird behaviours and dark secrets, these guys prove that you don't have to look like everyone else to have an impact!" (David Grohl)

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P.S.3 see below for our Terrible Teddy of the Month winners


Hey, gotta say nice work to Pondool (pronounced Pon-dool) for winning Terrible Teddy of the Month for August! We'd say that all his friends will be green with envy but of course, all of his friends are fairly similar looking. Pondool's nasty claim to fame is simply this, he hates receiving awards. When we contacted him regarding this win, he replied "shove your ####### award #### and then #### to ### library." We know that many young children check out this site, and as we here at Terrible Teddies are very socially responsible, we cannot repeat Pondool's comments word for word.


Congratulations to 'Wot' (pictured left) for winning Terrible Teddy of the Month for July! During our brief chat with Wot it became very clear very early on that he is a thing of few words. His answers were brief, and if he didn't like a question he simply didn't answer. Terrible! However there was one topic of conversation that he was very passionate about, and that's his one line of awesome chest hair. While he says he doesn't shave it, we think the evidence is pret-ty clear. Nice work Wot. You can get more info on Wot (including his theme song, 'my left arm's shorter than my right - while my right leg's shorter than my left) by visiting his website http://www.wot.com/                              

(website currently still under construction) 


Congratulations goes to Chicken Kardashian on winning 'Terrible Teddy of the Month' for June 2011. 'Hips' as she is called by her closest of friends was kind of excited to win this award. When we contacted her to tell her the good news she simply replied, "if I don't win at least a boat go away.' Chicken Kardashian is one of the forgotten Kardashian sisters. She was shuned by her family when she was bold enough to declare, "i despise reality television and all who participate.' 


Check out her profile under Teddy Profiles 2011.


We'd like to introduce you to Nunu Bungleye. He's rather odd looking (maybe it's that eye that could be a poker chip). Nunu's an alien, has matching sleeves & socks and has just won Terrible Teddy of the Month for April! Here's some info on the lad......1) He's a member of a street gang (back on his home planet of Mouthbranch) 2) He once had his heart broken so badly that he grew a second heart (albeit a little smaller than his first) 3) After the break-up he went all hardcore and had two hearts tattooed onto his chest to scare off rivalry gang members (unfortunately it just lead to him receiving extra Valentine's Day cards). After doing a long range Google search across the Universe, Nunu actually contacted us saying he wanted to be part of a site that, 'sees soft toys for the scurolous scoundrels they really are.'

You can check out his profile under 'Teddy Profiles 2011.'


Small in stature but big on nastiness, 'Teddy' with a total vote of 1026 has easily won Terrible Teddy of the Month for March. Just look at his left eye, evil! At just over 9cm in height, don't let his quaint features fool you. This 'mini-bear' (he hates being called that) is the oldest and original of all the Terrible Teddies. The Godfather if you like, or the Yoda of all Terrible Teddies. With a head scar modelled on Leatherface, a mouth that is only visable when he speaks and a severe dislike of tennis players and spelling, Teddy wins big time. When we contacted him via email to tell him the er, good news we were a little worried when after a week we had received no reply. Ten days later we received (in the mail) his legendary misspelt letter reply that only had three um, words. Leeve mee arlone.

Check out his profile on the 'Teddy Profiles 2011' page.

TERRIBLE TEDDY OF THE MONTH!     (February  2011)

Well well well, what do we have here? That's an easy one to answer, we have the winner of The Terrible Teddy of the Month! Congratulations to Gerkel McFrond on her fine victory. Gerkel is a modern er woman who believes in equality of the sexes and is passionate about her cause. At times she has been harshly labelled a 'man hater,' a tag that she rejects. "I love men, I just love purple more." said Gerkle when we called to tell her the good news.  



You can check out Gerkle's new profile under Teddy Profiles 2011.


Congratulations to 'Grumpey K-Kat' for winning January's Terrible Teddy of the Month award! Grumpey's agent permitted us to visit and take this shot of the reclusive cat. On the call of 'smile,' this was the best he could do. A 30 minute interview was meant to follow the photo shoot, only Grumpey got very bored and our crew was evicted 4 minutes in. When asked for his feelings on winning this award and whether it was a score for cats all over the world, Grumpey (after licking his paws and taking some time to answer) just said, "miiiir, please leave."  

Check out his profile on the 'Teddy Profiles 2011' page.


It's a draw! Chuck Cluck and Moo Dipples win December's 'Terrible Teddy of the Month' award. Chuck is a parking inspector, and guess what.....so is Moo! Boo! Terrible, so terrible........A close friend of the duo sent their info to us, and when we saw the pic and read the mischief they've been up to, well the decision was easy. Chuck and Moo were not available for comment but you can check out their profile on the 'Teddy Profiles 2010' page. 




'Bugs Porkchopple The 3rd' has a nice pink bow tie that he bought from a second hand shop. While his cute buttons turn heads, he really needs to do his hair. Bugs loves nature and his big front pocket tends to attract angry kangaroos. With a big personality and quite a silly lip region, Bugs Porkchopple wins TERRIBLE TEDDY OF THE MONTH FOR NOVEMBER! Bugs celebrated the good news in style with a shave and a walk.